Wednesday, July 27, 2011


My husband has been home the last several days, so if we need to go somewhere he offers to drive and we gladly accept. Here is the thing, as much as I have complained, pitched a down right fit about driving, now I miss walking. I realize how much I have missed the nice cool air and exercise. I do not feel as good in a car. There is no accomplishment to riding to Walmart, but huge rewards to walking the four miles. I always drink tons of water on those day and eat healthier. Recently, while he is home, I may drink one glass of water and a full container of cookies. I see which scenario is better and rather than complain I need to Thank God for taking my driving ability away and allowing me to be healthy. 

Thank you God for letting me take the slow route in life and really enjoying it. Thank you for finding a way for my children and I to be healthy and fit.

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