Monday, July 11, 2011


“Now what the hell am I going to do?” asking myself, as I pace the library parking lot back and forth, while period blood is steadily dripping down my leg. I’ve walked two miles up hill to the library pushing a stroller, carrying a twenty pound book bag on my back to return our books and now this. Of course I did not bring myself a change of clothes. Isn’t it bad enough that I have to carry snacks and drinks for the kids, medicine for myself, an umbrella in case it rains, a wallet, books, and movies to return, a notebook filled with information because my mind won’t remember it, cell phone, and on and on and on.
I know that if I allow my nerves to get the best of me I will have a seizure, so I have to try and remain calm, relaxed, and figure this out. Walking back two miles is not an option; I won’t make it without blood being everywhere. It is already soaked through all my clothes and I don’t want it on my tennis shoes too. I don’t live in the city so there is no taxi.
Cars begin to pull up and a realistic person would never hitch a ride. Let’s be honest, in today’s world hitching a ride should never be an option. Although I think of myself as a pretty realistic person I am also not in the typical situation I have to. It must be nice to have that luxury to just hop in your car and drive back home. It must be nice to never have to make the kind of decisions that may or may not put your children in jeopardy.
A woman walked out of her Subaru station wagon, mid-fifties, short brown hair, compassionate smile, and I asked her if she could take us all home. I had no choice but to trust that she was a good driver since I had no car seats. I had no choice but to trust she was honest and good. Luckily for the sake of my children and I she was.
We asked her to drive us two miles home and then back to the library, she was happy to help. Just for convenience I left my son’s bicycle and stroller at the library rather than loading it into her car trusting again that it would not get stolen without locks. Moments later we returned safely from a stranger’s Subaru to our bike and stroller just as we left them.

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