Monday, July 11, 2011

Keep Staring

I see you staring at me as you pass by in your decked out, leather seat, GMC Yukon. I bet you have air conditioning in that truck too. Is it even on? Do you see the sweat pouring down my chest and by boys red cheeks? Yeah, we ran out of water hours ago and my husband has us on a budget. No stopping at the store for drinks and ice cream for us.
Don’t worry we don’t need a ride, not like you would ever ask. I just tie Big Lots bags on the stroller for fun.
I bet you think I’m one of those many individuals that are suffering right now with the economy. I bet you think I shop at Big Lots because that is all I can afford. I bet you think I’ve lost my job and I’m going to lose my house soon, but no.
The strangest thing is I wish I was.  The economy will eventually turn around; everyone will have employment again and places to live. Maybe not the same job and house, different paychecks and mortgages but they will have something.
I will still be walking, and you will still be staring.

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