Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas mom

My mom was different than, what I am finding out, most moms and that made it for a rough Christmas. As a child my mother invited everyone to our house for Christmas and daily dinners for that matter. I do not know if she was a saint and never wanted anyone to eat alone or if she just loved to stay In the kitchen cooking for twenty people. My dad was in the us navy and I remember her always telling him to invite all the single sailors. As I got older she would tell all of us girls to bring a friend and tell them to invite a friend. My husband has friends that were always over for the holidays, and so does my sisters husbands. I do not remember a quiet family Christmas. There was always someone.
This year we are in Maine, far away from any family and it was the loneliest christmas ever. I had my husband and children but what about all the other people? Should I have invited the neighbors, strangers, or called upon the Boston redox to come and eat? They have got to be hungry.
I had plans to go to a girlfriends house and spend Christmas with at least 10 people but my husband was brought up different. For him it is about being with family, just family.
For the first time in 33 years four people sat at the Christmas table and my heart broke.
Thank you mom for being so giving, and teaching us that family is not just husbands and children. It is friends, and friends of friends, and families that do not feel like making a huge christmas meal for two people and people that do not have family around.
You taught me about family and people and for that I thank you.

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