Thursday, October 27, 2011


Who knows you the best? Your spouse? Your parents? Friends? I am having a debate in my head about the answer. Just because someone has known you for 30 years does that mean they know you the best? Or do they know 30 years of baggage? Do they sometimes reflect on things you did 15 years ago and say "Remember I know you" Maybe they should say they knew you. In even 1 year a person can change dramatically and the person they were is no longer there. It is hard for someone to be around the people that once knew them. When conflict comes up it is automatically your fault in their eyes because 10 years ago it would have been. What about new friends that you talk to on a daily basis. Do they know you? The new you? Maybe the you that has always been there and is just now showing?

Someone close to me has called me selfish and rude and confrontational when they were not even there. They have no idea how calm I have been. They assume that I am some evil person. Is this person really close to me? Do they really know me? No, I hope not.

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