Thursday, February 23, 2012

Skip's letter

Well all those words and only one sentence of truth.... You were kicked out of my home and I would do it all over again. Although if you remember correctly you said and I quote, "I am leaving, i'm not going to put up with this for a week and a half" and I said good, get the fuck out. Alienate me just like you have done two of your other daughters. This all came after you told lies about the morning and i just could not listen to your lies for one more second. I for one have listened your lies long enough, or misunderstandings, or omitting the whole truth.

I am stunned how you took a very nice blog about mom and twisted it to be something awful. I am sorry. I thought I was dealing with adults that could read and comprehend, I am continuously shown that I am not.

I have for sure been kicked out of your house several times so please do not say you have never done that. About the yelling, no one yells and berates more than you. All of my life I have made excuses for you and stuck up for you. You yell because your feelings are hurt and you never mean any harm. What a joke. How stupid I have been.

you did send out an apology to all of us girls to say sorry for all you have ever done, very generalized and not taking any responsibility for anyone single action. No responsibility for saying all your "friendship" with sherry was my fault for mom helping take care of the kids when I was in the hospital. You cannot be left alone. By the way I never kissed Pete. When I say we were friends we actually were. No lies on my part.

You are the common denominator in all of this.... The drama and hate. You!!!!!

You should thank mom everyday for staying with you. You should be laying out the red carpet and groveling beside her. You should be buying her flowers everyday and not for the past year but for the past thirty.

You have gotten lucky and as with anyone luck runs out.
I do not hate you but I do not hate anyone. I do dislike you.

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