Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So what is this number seven in the past three years? You would think I could hook up the electrodes myself by now. All the doctors say the same thing, "we can see you are having epileptic seizures, but we cannot tell where they come from or what type you have." I just smile because I have heard it all before. I know I am an odd duck. I know that there is no rhyme or reason. I know that no neurologist or epilologist is able to diagnose me. All is constantly up in the air. Some doctors think because they got education from Yale they are better qualified than those that went to school in Georgia and south Carolina. They cannot seem to find a "cure" either. I am just the elite, the odd duck. Are my seizures coming from my occipital lobe? The PET scan says no but most of my symptoms say yes. One doctor says it is primary generalized seizure disorder although the symptoms do not match. Another says maybe I have a couple types. Who knows. This is what I know, I have epilepsy. I have seizures. The type really does not matter, right?

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