Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wear and Tear

I had a man come over today to clean my couches and he made a statement that got me really thinking, "You know these couches have some wear and tear," I said "yes, they are 6 years old" I would hope they have wear and tear. I hope that when you look at my love seat you see all the cuddling that we have done. I hope you see all the times I have spilt my coffee because I am up all night with babies and exhausted (way to exhausted to hold a cup of coffee). I hope you see guest sleeping on the couch and sick babies on that couch.  My couch shows life, our life, a life I am proud of.
Our couch was the first big purchase my husband and I made as a couple. I look at it with adoring eyes. I remember pregnancy contractions, changing diapers, fighting and making up all on that mustard colored couch.
I think about the words wear and tear, maybe it is those people with the achiest legs and worn out backs that I should look at with admiration. They have lived and it shows. I want to live. If you look at me in 20 years I want you to see, LIFE. My life, love and hate, fear, sadness and most of all joy. Look at my broken body with admiration not pity, know that I spent every second living.

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